• 20 April 2022
    Flip- Flops and Your Feet

    Flip- Flops and Your Feet

    Many experts believe they are one of the most dangerous shoes you can wear! The lack of support causes numerous problems with heels and the arches of the foot. Drier skin, cracked heels scrunching toes ( to hang onto the shoe!) is very common. They can actually alter the way we walk by making us take shorter strides which all contributes to hip, leg, knee and back pain.

    Some tips...
    1/ Try not to wear them for too long ...
    2/ Look for a reasonably thick sole with the heel area higher than the forefoot.
    3/ Some flip flop styles come with an arch support and these are much better for your feet & you'll find these more comfortable to wear.
    4/ You should NOT be able to bend the flip-flop across its width as this confirms there is zero support!
    5/ In Britain, 200,000 people visit their GP or hospital with flip-flop causing injuries costing NHS 40 Million a year!

    Kerri Money