• 3 April 2020
    The sun is always shining, even when the clouds get in the way

    The sun is always shining, even when the clouds get in the way

    Given the daily landslide of frightening news updates and panic-stricken, angry social media posts, anyone would find it difficult to stay in touch with reality and remain placid. Irrespective of race, nationality, religion, family background or social status, Covid 19 has levelled the global playing field. Suddenly, we’re all equally vulnerable.

    But what if this is an opportunity?

    As therapists and healers, it falls to us to act as beacons, to inspire the hearts and minds of those around us; especially in times of uncertainty. If ever there was an opportunity for caring professionals to shine their light, now is that time.

    There’s a sense of powerlessness and confusion all around us. We’ve been encouraged to believe that matters are out of our hands, that there’s nothing we can do other than wait for things to get worse and hope that we’ll ‘survive’.

    There is another way.

    Within our biochemical and physical composition, human beings carry and project a measurable electromagnetic field. This field responds to thoughts and emotions. Fear – which is the global emotion of the moment, and self-centredness – which is the corresponding dominant thought form, have the effect of restricting this field, which impacts our wellbeing and our immune system. When the electromagnetic fields of many individuals align, they broadcast a much stronger signal, creating herd mentality and behaviour. This is why large crowds often perform acts en masse that individuals would never even consider.

    The flipside, however, is pure gold:

    This principle works the other way around, but exponentially so. Just one person in a state of calm, non-judgmental appreciation of the moment – presence, as it’s often known – will transmit that frequency to those around them. A group of people in this state will project an exceptionally powerful positive signal. Over the years, many experiments have shown the far-reaching effects of such like-minded intent, prayer or meditation. The larger the group, the more astonishing the results.

    So, what can we do?

    Those of us who meditate regularly, can meditate more often and for longer. If you’ve never meditated but are curious about it, now’s the time to learn. After all, as lockdown becomes more likely, the opportunity to go within and the time in which to do it is now ours. Meditation alleviates negative emotions like fear and mitigates self-centred thinking. Feeling love, joy and happiness in ourselves, instead of fear, will make a huge difference not just to us and our immune systems, but to those around us.

    Aside from meditation, there are practical things to engage in. Here are some things we’re doing at home. I’m sure there must be many more – please share!

    • Think about the vulnerable and the old in your area who may be self-isolating. Is someone looking after them? Can you help to get food or medicines to them?

    • Get and use Infection Mix – this is a natural remedy that we buy from a medical herbalist. Do some research on medicinal herbs and how they might be able to help you and your family.

    • Make a lung tonic – knowing that Covid 19 goes for the lungs, I decided to make a lung tonic with elderberry, elecampane and thyme. I put these ingredients into a solution of alcohol to create a tincture. You may find other herbs that can help the lungs or fight infection.

    • Gardening or pot plants – even on a window sill or in the lightest room in your house you could grow herbs, fruit and veg for later in the year. If you’re stuck indoors, it will be a pastime as well as a practical thing. (NB You’ll still have to go to the shops for baked beans!)

    • Go for a brisk walk or run in the fresh air, even if it’s chucking it down. Get outside, work the big muscles, see nature, pump clean air through the lungs. You can do this whilst maintaining social distancing.

    • Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga. Go online and find out how the ancients kept fit and well. My first forays into yoga were all self-taught from a book.

    • Been dreaming of revealing your secret super power but never had the time or courage to give it a try? Maybe this hiatus from normal life is the perfect time to explore another side of yourself.

    As therapists and healers, we should be the first to stay present, holding a peaceful frequency for everyone else. The more of us that do this, the more harmony we can create.

    In the meantime, whether you’re in health care or not, if you have knowledge or wisdom that can help others, share it wherever you can. Most important of all, don’t allow fear to rule your emotions and weaken your immune system.

    Sending health, peace, love (and virtual hugs!) to you all.

    José Lacey

    March, 2020