• 9 October 2019
    What’s happening? General updates.

    What’s happening? General updates.

    It's been a busy few weeks, with a rush on preparing final things, organising documents and other such mayhem due to the approaching departure. Unfortunately, my visa documents had been delayed, which left me at a loss of what to do. As I am working out there for 6 months, a standard tourist visa would never be accepted, so I needed to take the more complicated route of sending off for what is called a “short stay extendable visa” which requires a thick stack of documents for it to be approved, including a work permit from the Madagascan government, which had been subsequently delayed. My original plans to fly out with a fellow volunteer this coming Friday have most definitely been cancelled. Luckily, the documents turned up last Wednesday which, though it still meant I would not be travelling out on my original date, I would not be pushing back my dates too far. 

    The arrival of the documents, though welcomed, caused stress within itself as the final pieces of the puzzle had to be put together. Such things as finding a postal company that did return labels and permitted the transportation of passports internationally -as the embassy in London has closed, leaving the only other nearby one in Paris- and a cheque in euros, which is surprisingly hard to track down, though I eventually found that the bank offers them under the title “Foreign currency draft”. This draft took a few days to arrive, and turned up today after organising it on Friday, so now I can finally sent off all the documents (hopefully today, if all goes well)!

    My travel dates have now officially been pushed back to  the 29th of October, and even though I had a wonderful night Monday night with my co-workers, having a bit of a leaving party, I am happy to spend a little longer in the UK working at the centre! I hope all the documents are organised in time and I managed to head off this time with little fuss, and look forward to spending a little more time researching Madagascar before I head out.


    Next week; A brief history of Madagascar!