• 10 January 2020
    Week 9; Holidays and lazy days

    Week 9; Holidays and lazy days

    From the 25th to the 6th, I have been on a holiday from work. Though most of it was spent lazing round camp. Christmas was quiet, with only four people, and it was a weird experience knowing that it was Christmas, but without the excitement apparent in the UK. There was the same meals that we’d always eaten here, though we had all bought extra snacks to enjoy throughout the day. Not only that, but it was a blisteringly hot 45 degrees! I managed to call a bunch of family and friends and catch up with them, and it was lovely seeing everyone’s faces again, even if it was just through a phone screen. The rest of the week was spent lazing around on the porch, reading and napping. It was definitely too hot to do anymore than that. 

    That weekend, another intern and I traveled to a hotel in Toliara and spent a day relaxing by the pool and enjoying the air-con in our room. It was a well-needed break from sitting around at camp. We soon returned to the monotony, but with respite on the horizon, I was going travelling! 

    Waking up at 5:30 on a Wednesday morning, I headed over to Toliara to catch a taxi-brousse to Isalo, a national park 5 hours away. It was an arduous journey, packed in with my rucksack between my knees, but the breeze on my face and the cooling air as we headed to a higher altitude, and a more mountainous region was totally refreshing! I finally reached my hotel at 12 in the afternoon, and relaxed by the swimming pool whilst I waited for another volunteer to join me. After a bunch of delays, she finally arrived just in time for dinner, and we settled down in our lovely hotel room. I must admit, after spending the majority of two months living in a reed hut, most hotel rooms seem like luxury to me! The next day we headed down to a nearby hotel, (definitely in a higher price range than we could manage) which offered horse riding round the edge of the national park, it was so much fun, with a gorgeous view, ranging from looking like the Wild West on the tops of the massive boulders, to trekking though the rainforest in the valleys. The final day of our trip was once more spent by the pool, playing cards and mancala, and we returned to camp early Sunday morning, refreshed and ready for a new year of work!

    Next post; A summary of the this weeks events, and the fun plans for my weekend!