• 15 December 2019
    Week 7; Taking a break is important

    Week 7; Taking a break is important

    I have been feeling a little under the weather for the past few days. And though for most, I have managed to continue diving, today I had to take a break. I realised that I was pushing myself too much, especially since another intern has also been taking a break this week- due to some ear issues-  I knew that one less person on the dive would mean that it would have to be cancelled. (This is because of a rule on site that ensures that the dive will be cancelled if there are less than four people on it.) I decided to take a break and have a lie-in instead. The afternoon dive was cancelled due to high wind and surf, there is the tail-end of a typhoon passing by at the moment, so we will likely suffer from a few rainy, thundery days until it passes by. Though for now it is simply ominous clouds hanging overhead.

    A lot of people have been leaving recently, not only short-term volunteers, but the previous group of interns, two have left already, and the other two are leaving this weekend. The camp already feels weird without half their presence, and I am definitely worried that we will appear nowhere near as competent to the new interns turning up in mid-January as these guys did to me. Though we will likely be Rescue Divers by that point, there was a certain comfort that they moved around camp that I still feel like I lack.

    One fun thing that I got to help out with this week was assisting with the rescue from shore training. One of the volunteers here is training up to Rescue diver ( the scuba diving equivalent of lifeguarding) and I got to help out with a little bit of acting, pretending to be a variety of different victims, from tired, to panicking, to unconscious. It was really fun and interesting to help out with, but I managed to breathe in a LOT of salt water, and my sinuses are definitely cleared out!

    Next week; Once again a mystery, but I have heard rumours that we’re starting our Advanced Open Water course!