• 10 December 2019
    Week 6; Camp manager and other such duties

    Week 6; Camp manager and other such duties

    This week has been fairly peaceful, with another batch of seagrass surveys, each one getting closer and closer to the final survey. In addition to the surveys, I did my first coral clean! We dove down to a rebar structure covered in coral, and cleaned all the algae off the metal and the bases of the coral, to ensure that the algae doesn’t take over and kill the coral. The coral has to protected at all times, so we dived with latex gloves, which is a very peculiar feeling- to swim with such gloves on- and toothbrushes to scrub the rebar. It was really interesting and fun to do, quite a calming exercise, and there were tonnes of curious fish swimming alongside you the entire time! 

    One of the most interesting things to happen this week was me becoming camp manager. The basic idea is that there is a circling rota of people who are camp manager each week, from Friday to Friday. Camp manager duties vary from locking the gates and main office in the evening, and unlocking them in the morning, to carrying round the camp manager phone in case there is an emergency call. It was a little stressful on the first few days, as I struggled to remember the voluminous list of things to do, but I managed to survive, with everyone happy to help! One benefit, I got to tag a turtle! Luckily one of the dive officers was there to talk me through, it was so cool to just hold it in place as she explained how the tagging system works. It was a hawksbill turtle, only a juvenile, but the first turtle I’ve ever seen in my life! It was quite an experience! 

    As a camp manager, you are meant to remain on site at all times, or at least someone must hold the keys if you do head out for anything, but i have been enjoying staying on site all week, rather than heading out into the nearby town of Ifaty for a cold drink and street food snacks. Just spending time watching the sunset on the porch, and listening to a podcast. The evenings here on camp are always fun as well, as often after dinner, everyone heads down to the porch whether to play games varying from cards, to Dungeons and Dragons, to watching movies found on a variety of hard drives, to simply listening to music and relaxing after a long day. The night sky here is always gorgeous, packed full of stars, I’ve seen many shooting stars already! What’s more, as there is no electricity here at night, once it is dark, it’s pitch black, everyone has headtorches as they wander around and it’s rather spooky! 

    Next week; Again, no schedule yet, so it’s a surprise!