• 3 March 2020
    Week 16; It's been a little busy

    Week 16; It's been a little busy

    Apologies for the delay on these posts, since it took so long, I've decided to put them together into an extra long post.

    I have just started working on logging the current data that we have been collecting! Every time we go on a dive, the dive leader has to log information about the conditions, this includes wind strength and cloud cover, dive and tide times and current strength and direction. What we're hoping is that we can start predicting what conditions might indicate that there will be a strong current not worth diving in, and optimal times for diving for best conditions at different sites. Another intern and I worked together to log the data in excel, and we then organised the different sites by where they are in the bay, as they should be affected similarly. We then tried to sketch some scatter graphs to see if there was any correlation, though it seems that at the moment there is not enough information to receive any clear results. We are still running through it, but it does seem like it needs a few more moths of data.

    I've also been working on my divemaster knowledge reviews, as I will soon need to take a theory exam as part of becoming a divemaster. The topics that we're studying include; dive theory, the marine environment, my role as a divemaster, and in-depth notes on how to complete some of the tasks such as the deep dive, the mapping project, and search and recovery. We've been going over the end-of-chapter knowledge reviews as a group, but the studying itself is individual and done in our spare time. So far, I've found some topics really interesting, such as how tides work and how altitude affects diving. In a couple of weeks we'll be doing our exam, and I need to get 75% to pass, hopefully I know everything by then!

    I have encountered a few issues this past week that have caused this delay in posting though. Firstly, my laptop screen broke, which meant I am now typing this blog out on my phone instead. But also I injured my leg on some coral last week, and thanks to a few vitamin deficiencies, and general exhaustion from the heat, I ended up getting a skin infection, a kind of staphylococcus. This meant that I had to make a visit to the doctor to get some antibiotics, and antiseptic cream, as I was getting these wounds on my legs and face that weren't healing. Luckily, it wasn't painful or even itchy, just a little uncomfortable when the skin stretched. It meant that I spent the last week not diving and instead feeling a little beaten-down by antibiotics. After a 5-day course, I'm definitely feeling better and my skin is healing up again. Hopefully I can start diving again next week without any repercussions. I just have to make sure to take a lot more vitamins and eat more fruit to boost my immune system! 

    Next week; pool diving? With an ocean next door?