• 4 February 2020
    Week 12; Due to inclement weather, dives have been cancelled.

    Week 12; Due to inclement weather, dives have been cancelled.

    Apologies for the delay the internet was not working last week, causing a bit of a backlog.

    Unfortunately, this week did not meet the expectations granted by the schedule, most of the dives were cancelled due to high winds, or practically useless thanks to bad visibility. Great plans were created for our seagrass dives, expecting to finish collecting data on the site. This time, instead of studying the seagrass itself, we were going to look at the fish and invertebrate species. Unfortunately as the visibility was less than 1 meter at most, we ended up getting lost, orienting ourselves, and then proceeding to get lost again. Admittedly, it was not a very productive dive…

    Though a few dives were cancelled, we still managed to complete some. As we have the new interns turning up, these ones starting in January/February, and we are now starting our divemaster training, I get to start doing some new dives! For example, I got to assist on some open water training. Simply put, all I need to do on such dives is to be there to support the instructor and monitor the student. This involves demonstrating skills that need a partner, and helping out with navigating while the instructor focuses on their student or vice versa. It was a lot of fun helping out, and now that is one more skill ticked off the board!

    Not only have I started my divemaster training, but also my Rescue training! This week, I did my first rescue from shore session, which involved practicing the skills we so far have only learnt from the book, and from theory study sessions. We practiced tows and self-rescue, along with aiding a tired and/or panicked diver, learning the different ways to respond to such situations. Unfortunately, I did manage to lose a bunch of my stuff along the way, transforming the session into a search and recovery dive by the end of it, trying to find my mask along the base of the churned-up shore. Hopefully next week, we shall start doing training out in our nearest site, Rose Garden, and eventually we will do a full practice run of an emergency scenario from finding an unresponsive diver, to getting them in the boat and organising the response on land. I’m looking forward to it!

    Next week; Rescue continued, and other such things!