• 20 January 2020
    Week 11; New things and fun dives!

    Week 11; New things and fun dives!

    Though we have had a lot of science dives in the past weeks, there is also a chance to try something new every now and then. This week was definitely one full of new things! 

    Now we are edging into the last three months here, the preparation for divemaster training is starting to kick in, even though we haven’t done our rescue diver training. We have been leading dives more and more, navigating around different sites and keeping an eye on our groups and such. Recently, we had a meeting about all of the different components needed when training as a divemaster, and about the skills we can start working towards now, practicing for the official tests. One such thing is divemaster skills. As a divemaster, you have to be able to do dive skills used in training to a professional level, with clear body language to show a trainee the correct movements. There is a list of 24 basic skills that must be perfected, from mask clearing, to the entire removal and replacement of your scuba unit underwater. Last Friday we went on a dive to practice these skills, with our instructor, Amber demonstrating, and us copying her movements, making sure that everything was clear, and easy to understand. I definitely need to work on these skills, as not only do I need to remember the hand signals, but also getting comfortable with doing the skills myself! 

    It hasn’t only been hard work, as this Saturday I managed to join a fun dive! We went to a site in the exterior of the bay, past the protective barrier reef, which we don’t often do otherwise. Most dives at reef doctor are in the interior, where the water is calmer and more predictable. This fun dive was at a site called Cathedral, and it was absolutely gorgeous! There were tonnes of swim-throughs' and canyons to swim around in, filled with tonnes of fish and coral, it was really pretty, and I definitely want to  try diving there again!

    Next week; Seagrass surveys galore, and some done at night?!