• 7 September 2019
    Reality setting in, scuba equipment shopping spree!

    Reality setting in, scuba equipment shopping spree!

    Spending six months in another country having the experience of a lifetime is definitely exciting, but simultaneously terrifying. While the rest of my friends are only travelling only a few hours away from home, towards university, I have found myself travelling to the other end of the world, a 13-hour flight in its own right! My worries have been slightly eased as I have organised to travel down with a fellow volunteer at Reef Doctor. That reminds me, flights have been booked! I am travelling from Heathrow, stopping off at Paris, then travelling down to Madagascar non-stop all with someone far more comfortable with doing such things by themselves, unlike me. When booking the flights, I got to pick seats and I must admit, I got rather over-excited when I discovered that my long flight would be spent on such a large plane! As I have never travelled further than Morocco, a trip on a plane with a centre aisle of seats has never been experienced (Until now!). 

     Last week I visited Northampton Scuba School’s dive shop, and finally bought all of my dive equipment! Now I am the proud owner of everything a diver could need, including a regulator octopus rig (breathing apparatus) and a BCD jacket (designed to carry the air tank and aid your buoyancy when diving). It was a rather humid day when trying on wetsuits, so it was a bit of a nightmare to put them on, especially when they didn’t fit. But I eventually found everything that I needed, thanks to the kind help of Helen, owner of the dive shop, and one of my scuba teachers when I was first obtaining my Open Water qualification, and now my gear sits in a (slightly disorderly) pile in the corner of my bedroom, ready to join me on my journey!


    Next Week; Doctors appointments and ‘Fit to dive’ Medicals, putting together first aid kits.