• 25 September 2019
    Good health and healthy eating what I’m doing to self-improve!

    Good health and healthy eating what I’m doing to self-improve!

    Apologies for the delay in this post, I’ve had a rather busy week, so it took a little time to get this out. 

    One of the recommended things that I should attempt -according to Reef Doctor- is to focus on my diet during the months before I head out. Things such as avoiding rich foods and eating high-fibre dishes, and taking probiotics, all to ensure a smoother acclimatization to the shift in diet that I will experience in Madagascar. The diet out there will mostly consist of light, rice-based dishes, mostly vegetarian, though sometimes there will be meat and fish. This change can cause issues for those more suited to the rich, high sugar diet of the UK and other first-world countries, and it is always best to prepare for the worst! 

    I have tried to follow these instructions as best as I can, I now drink an actimel every morning, and most dishes I make now contain some variant of bean, but it’s difficult to shift snacking habits and I often find myself scoffing unneeded crisps and happily eating chocolate treats. I am definitely guilty of my own hubris and faith that I would have better self-control. But since I know what the issue is, it is something I can solve (hopefully!). 

    Another thing I’ve been doing to prepare for my trip is going swimming every morning! I head over to the local pool at around 7:00am and try to swim thirty lengths every day. I adore swimming and the walk over to the pool wakes me up with the fresh air so it isn’t much of a chore, in fact it helps me get up earlier, rather than lazing around in my bed all morning. One part of the divemaster qualification is water skills, I need to be able to demonstrate my comfort in the water through five stamina exercises: an 800 metre snorkel, 400 metre swim, 100 metre inert diver tow, 15 minutes spent treading water, and an equipment exchange whilst submerged. All of these skills are essential to gain my divemaster, so I saw fit to improve! 


    Next week; ABC’s of scuba diving, interesting facts about diving you may not know!