• 8 August 2019
    A new journey

    A new journey

    Gap years are the chance to try something new, to have a little taste of adult life before diving into education once more. Before heading off to university I was determined to travel somehow, and I found myself applying to intern with a reef conservation project in Southern Madagascar. I was terribly surprised to discover that I had been accepted onto the team, with a childhood of watching National Geographic documentaries, a dream has somehow become a reality.  As a member of the reception team here at Oxford Street Therapy Centre, I have been offered a chance to publically chronicle my experiences in this little corner of the internet! For the next eight months I shall be documenting my preparation and journey itself through this blog, I hope you enjoy it.

    Of the volunteering roles offered by Reef Doctor- the NGO I will be working with- the research assistant and divemaster internship is the one I will be joining. Spending six months on site, I will receive science training in fish identification and survey techniques, along with the scuba certification of Divemaster. I’ll also help out with their education programme, and turtle tagging! I am truly excited to experience the lifestyle and am looking forward to all of the new opportunities to learn and help out in just a small way, both environmentally and in the local community.

    Next Time: Packing lists and purchases; preparations for the trip!