• 20 April 2022
    Post Viral Back Pain

    Post Viral Back Pain

    A lot of viruses are taking rounds this year again and many of my clients are needing help with back pain during and post-illness recovery. Muscular tension is one of the natural responses of the body when we don't feel well, mentally or physically. Cough, disturbed sleep and lack of quality movement put extra pressure on the body, especially the spine as all breathing and core muscles are attached to it.
    Massage therapy and some simple breathing exercises will help the body expand again where it needs to, relax and re-activate soft tissues and take the pressure off the spine.
    Sometimes it can take several days or even weeks to feel healthy and strong again.
    General therapeutic and remedial massage can be great for relaxation after a long week at work or physical performance too. 
    If you need help get in touch!

    When pain becomes chronic, constant discomfort or regular 'flare-ups' it might indicate that more than relaxation is needed. We have been having some great results with chronic shoulder pain and sciatic pain this year in the clinic. Lower back pain and shoulder problems continue to prove to be the most common complaints.

    One of the recent reviews from a chronic back pain, sciatic pain client.

    Having suffered from chronic lower back pain and numbness down my leg and foot I booked 5 treatments with Natalia.
    She has been very professional, knowledgeable and caring during my course and I feel so much better with the pain subsiding.
    We used a number of different breathing re-training and core techniques as well as neurokinetic therapy.
    Natalia is a natural healer with a sensitive approach and I would highly recommend her.

    Natalia Bowles