• 9 March 2022
    Natalia Bowles

    Natalia Bowles

    A little introduction if you are wondering what I do and some information I was inspired to write after working with my clients this week and getting some really good results with various complaints they presented with. From back pain to elbow and knee pain, sinusitis, headaches to anxiety, and IBS.
    I am trained as a massage therapist (12 years), Neurokinetic Therapy practitioner (5 years) and personal trainer (2 years). I have done 100's of CPD hours throughout my career, including massage, bodywork, movement.
    I am implementing breathwork, diaphragmatic breathing and core functional anatomy with my clients for way over 3 years now.
    Most of my clients are open to it but many people book an appointment with me to address musculoskeletal pain with massage therapy and that is all they expect.
    Thanks to my continuous studies and understanding of the gait, movement, breathing biomechanics, I can still help my clients better than I could before even if I 'only' stick to the massage, stretching, joint mobilising techniques.
    But let me tell you, when you move your body from the inside with your breath, activate your diaphragm, core, or trunk intrinsics and load areas of your body that were 'asleep' for sometimes decades that is when the magic happens.
    A sustainable improvement that you can build up further with techniques and exercises you learn with me.
    From my experience, no amount of soft tissue release can create these changes. And from the scientific point of view, it would not make sense either, because you cannot engage or strengthen something by releasing and stretching it.
    Diaphragmatic breathing and further functional anatomy movement drills are beneficial for back pain, spinal injuries and injury prevention, as well as hip and shoulder issues.
    My goal with my clients is to educate them and give them their own tools to fix them so they are not dependent on me or anyone else forever. This can be very disempowering.
    There is nothing wrong with wanting massage therapy 'only'. I am not planning to stop providing this service. Manual soft tissue release, lymphatic massage, therapeutic massage have an endless amount of benefits for the physical body and mind.
    I love 'mixing' all the techniques together depending on individual needs and preferences.
    If you need help get in touch!
    To book your appointment call 01933 224454 or call Natalia direct on 075962 09609