• 14 September 2017
    Start of the Sports Season

    Start of the Sports Season

    Sports Injury Clinic

    As summer draws to a close, so does tennis, cricket and the athletics season. As such, the start of the winter sport seasons like football and rugby see injuries in the misty, cooler air. At the end of each season the body is tired; this increases the risk of injury, with Ankle Sprains being the most common sports injury to occur with “over 50% of all sporting injuries being lower limb related.”Snider, V. (2013)* Winter Sports have a high load-bearing element to them due to the running: Hamstrings and calfs begin to suffer, having not been put through their paces in a while. Have a look at your warm-up, ensuring that the heart rate is elevated before stretching, joints are mobilised in both small and large ranges, then using dynamic stretching so the muscles are prepared for exercise. There is a higher risk of injury when the muscles are not prepared for the forces being placed upon them. Once you've obtained an injury, it's essential that you don't rush back into sport and do ensure that the tissues are strong and flexible enough to cope with the load placed upon them during exercise and sport.

    That's where we can help! Our Sports Therapist can work with you to assess, treat and rehabilitate the injury. A useful tool in our therapist's hands is Ultrasound Therapy; this is an invaluable addition in the early stages of Rehabilitation as it promotes cell activation and increases the amount of collagen fibres brought to the area to repair damaged tissues. This can be used on both muscular and tendinous/ ligamentous injuries to accelerate the natural healing process. Our Therapist is qualified and experienced in the use of Ultrasound Therapy as well as Sports Massage and Rehabilitation techniques to help you return to your sport, on form.

    *Snider, V. MS, ATC, and Wilkerson, G. EdD, ATC A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that clinical tests of core strength and stability can help predict risk of lower extremity injury in athletes, which in turn supports the need for a multisegmental approach to the development of injury prevention programsSept 2013 http://lermagazine.com/article/core-stability-and-lower-extremity-injury-risk

    Blog written by our resident Sports Therapist Tom Flynn