• 13 March 2018
    Marathon Training Offer

    Marathon Training Offer

    Running this April?

    You're coming into your final month of training to reach peak performance. Your fitness level is high, your stamina almost there.

    Pressure to perform can place extra strain on you, both physically and mentally. Overworked muscles get tight, tendons and ligaments suffer and old injuries reappear. I can help you with exercises, massage, manipulation, stretches, ultrasound and advice.

    With the correct treatment, together we can manage weakened and over-strained or swollen joints and tissue, to keep you supple and reduce your risk of complication.

    My experience and listening ear can also help to ensure that you're looking after yourself wholey during this period; getting enough rest/recovery, eating well and relaxing between training sessions.

    As an incentive for you to enjoy some much-needed self care I am happy to offer you 20% off when you book 2 treatments with me, leading up to your big day in April.

    Tom Flynn - Sports Therapist

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