• 3 August 2016
    Annaleise Gamble

    Annaleise Gamble

    Introducing myself: Annaleise Gamble
    I first walked through the door of Oxford Street Therapy Centre back in 2005. I brought in a friend who was in a lot of pain and needed a driver. She walked out smiling and we enjoyed a coffee afterwards. I went on to train with the visionary, Linda Callis in Neuromuscular Transmission and my life changed forever. 11 years on my on-going training has taken me into Local Authority Care for Vulnerable Adults, working with the elderly and ill, Child Support and through a Counselling degree. 

    In June 2016 I walked back through the door to support Tina Denny, who’s efficiency and wholehearted support of the therapists make her a unique Centre Manager. Without doubt it is the most professional, caring (if quirky) and amazing place to work. Without exception ALL staff are diligent and moral in their outlook. Empathy reigns alongside outstanding Customer Service. If we cannot help you, we will not hesitate to refer. If you struggle to climb our stairs, we will find you a ground floor treatment room. Oxford Street simply provides an on-going excellent service that I feel proud to be a part of. I look forward to meeting all existing clients and welcoming new ones.