• 29 October 2020
    Hair Advice from Lisa Gilbey

    Hair Advice from Lisa Gilbey

    Hi guys, it’s been a while since our last post as we have been so busy in clinic helping you all, and of course concentrating on all the extra admin that goes with it behind the scenes (it’s never just your 1 hour appointment time!)
    Thought for the day-
    Are you taking your maintenance level of vitamin D now? 
    Did you know there are vitamin D receptors in the hair follicle? No- many don’t, and depleted levels can have an adverse affect on hair growth.
    We should all be taking some additional vitamin D between the months of October-March as it’s not really found in food unless it’s fortified (hence being called the sunshine vitamin!)
    During the above months in our winter, the planet tilts further away from the sun on its axis (hence the day light hours become shorter and the sun not as strong).
    You can link this directly to the leaves changing colour in the autumn now as daylight affects photosynthesis.
    You may have also heard it’s a good immunity booster during Covid times as it helps strengthen the immune system (amongst many other powerful properties).
    It’s also been mentioned in the news that people of BAME backgrounds can be more susceptible to vitamin D deficiencies as darker melanin pigment found in the skin affects the absorption (hence the thinking that BAME individuals could be of higher risk to contracting covid).
    That’s not to say everybody go overboard and take excess vitamin D as it is a fat soluble vitamin that can be stored in the liver so overdoing it is also not good.
    Please note- taking some forms of supplements longer term, not under medical supervision (or without having blood test results confirming you are depleted) is not advisable.
    I regret to inform I cannot recommend a personal dose without consulting you as we are all individuals and medical history/weight etc must be taken into account.
    Enjoy those beautiful colourful autumn leaves whilst they last.